Day 21 Mindfulness 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Welcome to Day 21 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge

DAY 21: Journey Abounding

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment with an attitude of openness, curiosity, non-judgment, and acceptance. Mindfulness will help you take away the edginess from your mind. A regular practice of mindfulness meditation reduces stress, anger outbursts and over-thinking, and increases self-awareness, fulfillment and happiness.

Our word for the day is Mindfulness

Our writing prompt for today is, how can you instill mindfulness in every day? How can you take this 21day meditation challenge and incorporate it as a habit in your life? Make a plan and stick to it.

It’s Day 21 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge. Set your timer for 21 minutes and BEGIN with your meditation session, focus on your breath and your intention for the day. To begin, take 5 deep cleansing breaths and then just BREATHE in a natural rhythm. Today take your moments to focus on being MINDFUL in all that you do to clear your heart and mind. Be clear in your mind, body and spirit, manifesting a sense of cultivation for a positive, clear loving focus that you can direct and manage throughout your night and tomorrow into your day.

You can also simply sit for 21 minutes in silence or if you need assistance, click on the link for a short meditation session from our podcast.

See if you can take this moment of MINDFULNESS into the rest of the moments in your night. Thank yourself with the following affirmation, "I am perfect and whole in this moment.” Namaste! You have completed the 21 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge. Make it a beautiful day!

Thank you for sharing these meditation moments with me. My appreciation and love flows abundantly to you.

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