Day 17 - Sleep 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Welcome to the Day 17 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge

DAY 17: Better Night's Sleep

This meditation should only be completed when you are ready to go retire for the night.

If you’ve ever found yourself lying awake in bed, frustrated that you can’t sleep, good news! The answer may be as simple as a short meditation. Breathing meditations calm your nervous system, staving off insomnia and preparing your body for sleep.

Our word for the day is SLEEP

Our writing prompt for today is, how did you sleep after drifting off to meditation? Was it helpful to help you rest?

It’s Day 17 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge. Set your timer for 17 minutes and BEGIN with your meditation session, focus on your breath and your intention for the night. To begin, take 5 deep cleansing breaths and then just BREATHE in a natural rhythm. Sit for a few moments in that normal breath. Now breathe in for 4, hold for 7 and release for 8 making a woosh sound on release. Complete this several times.

Tonight, take your moments to focus on good SLEEP throughout the night. Be clear in your mind, body and spirit, manifesting a sense of cultivating a night full of peaceful sleep.

You can also simply sit for 17 minutes in silence or if you need assistance, click on the link for a short meditation session from our podcast.

See if you can use this SLEEP meditation for your night. Thank yourself with the following affirmation, "I enjoy deep refreshing sleep every night.” Namaste! You have completed Day 17 in your journey. Make it a beautiful night!

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