Day 11-Still 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Welcome to Day 11 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge

DAY 11: Inner Stillness Our minds are very distracted; our senses constantly pull in multiple directions—every sound, every sight, every scent triggers thoughts and emotions, creating movement and confusion. Only when things are still can the dust settle and the mind’s eye see clearly. Stillness Meditation is linked to serenity; the practices are designed to still an active mind, ultimately enabling it to be present in the moment. Challenge yourself, every day, to sit in stillness (5 min. in the morning/5 min. at night minimum) and you will see a radical shift in your life. Our word for the day is Still

Writing prompt for today is, We’re constantly stimulated and on the go, we’re not used to stillness and it can be uncomfortable at first. What did it feel like to sit in that stillness? It’s Day 11 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge. Set your timer for 11 minutes and BEGIN with your meditation session, focus on your breath and your intention for the day. To begin, take 5 deep cleansing breaths and then just BREATHE in a natural rhythm. Today take your moments to focus on the STILL of your mind, body and spirit and manifesting a sense of cultivating calm and peace that you can direct and manage throughout your day. You can also simply sit for 11 minutes in silence or if you need assistance, click on the link for a short meditation session from our podcast.

See if you can take this moment of being STILL into your day. Thank yourself with the following affirmation, " I AMPLIFY, IN STILLNESS. I trust that doing less is actually doing more” Namaste! You have completed Day 11 in your journey. Make it a beautiful day!


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